PayPal - US - Shipping Information
Due to limitations in programming the Pal Pal Shopping Cart,
a Standard Charge of  $ 7.50 - $10.50 per order will be charged.
If you would rather have a quote by weight, E-mail your order,
I will get exact shipping charges & gladly accept payment by
check or money order.
Money Order or Checks - Shipping Information
Please contact us for specific bottle quantities not listed.
All other orders will be charged  by the following schedule.
1 - 1/2 Pint  Bottle             -             $ 6.50        -       Within the US
1 - 1 Pint Bottle                 -             $ 8.00         -      Within the US
1 - 1 Quart Bottle              -             $ 10.50         -      Within the US
2 - 1 Quart Bottles             -            $ 13.50         -      Within the US
1 - 1/2 Gallon Bottle           -            $ 12.50         -      Within the US
1 - 1 Gallon Bottle              -            $ 15.50         -      Within the US
Personal checks may delay shipping your order for 4 days
Orders shipped to Canada & other Countries will be determined per individual order.
E-mail me if you would like a shipping quote to your Non-US location.
As an example of Surface mail rates to the UK, a package
of 2 pint bottles can be sent by Surface Mail for $16.00
Order Online!
If you DO NOT have PayPal, please E-Mail a list of the items you need.
Shipping Charges will be added & send back to you.
My E-mail Addres is:
Order byTelephone - Just E-Mail us your phone #,
or contact Jim Call at:    (303)  438-9490
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, for ANY reason,
return the items for a refund.
Unless authorized in advance for a specific reason.
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Order Information Booth
We offer rapid order processing based on the method of payment you select.
Accepted are Personal Checks, Money Orders and PayPal - Sorry - NO COD's.
Orders totaling more than $1000.00 require payment by Certified Check.
Filler and a Generic Cap are included with Pyro Bottles.
These bottles are rated on a scale of 1 - 10 +
A 10+ is the highest quality, having no case
wear, discoloration, chips, or scratches.