The condition of your bottle is very important.
All bottles must have Dairy Names printed on the bottle
Bad News
If it has chips, scratches, cloudy areas, or is bruised
Pyro Glazed Bottles ( Painted ) should not be faded or scratched
Plain unmarked clear glass milk bottles are worth nothing at all.
Good News
Great Graphics of a cow, farm scene or a baby
A WWII Savings Bond Bottle
Multiple Colors.
The shape of the bottle (round, square,tall, squat)
Is it a baby face?
College, University, Institutional bottles have value
City & State printed on the bottle
Having a cap from the original diary
The year when the bottle was made is important
There are many more factors that may apply

The style or size rated by best selling:

Tall Round & Squat Round Pyro Quarts
      Best - War Bond, Nursery Rhyme, Poems, Great Graphics, City & State on bottle
Cream Top Quarts
Baby Face Quarts & Pints
Square Bottles with City & State & good graphics
Average -  Just the dairy name without graphics
Certain Embossed Bottles also sell

There are people that collect Gallons but not many due to available display space.
Some Amber bottles have good value.

A higher value is always placed on a group of bottles that all have the same basic theme.

If you have such a uniform group of bottles, the displays are very impressive.

A few types of collections:
The 50 States:
       Bottles must have a City & State printed on it.
              Most people in this category will obtain uniform size & styles of bottles
              based on how much display room they have.  If all are Tall Round Quarts,
              a large display area is needed.  Rare bottles may include States that
              had low populations in the 1950's, also Hawaii & Alaska
Regions or entire states:
       Collectors try to aquire a bottle for every city in a specific state, Specific Graphics:
       Bottles with Farm scenes, or just cows, diary structures (creameries), Babies,
       Families, milk trucks, trains, poems, nursery rhymes, milkmen, windmills, etc.
The price is going up fast on
Baby Face Milk Bottles
Universities & Colleges
War Bond Bottles
Amber, Embossed, Squat Round, square . . . . bottles
All bottles of a specific shape & size.
Multi Colored Pyro graphics:
   Only Reds, or Blues, or Green etc.
Whatever the theme, someone collects it.

BE VERY CAREFUL...............there are many reproductions out there.  MANY  !
I realize no actual prices are in this simple guide. I try to visit Antique Shops within
100 miles of my house at least once a year.  There are hundreds of them, their bottles
are priced by amounts they may sell at.  They might start out at $30 . . . 6 months
later they are less, if they still don't sell, then anything goes. Prices on my website
are average prices that milk bottles sell at around the country.
Usually bottles in mint condition
with good graphics should be worth $25 or more.
Collectors often pay more than $100 for a bottle they need.
As you read over this price guide, questions are bound to come-up.
Please E-Mail questions or comments.
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A Simple Price Guide
There are several basic rules to determine value.
There are also hundreds of reasons that make something "Rare"
I truly do not know the exact value of any specific bottle, however, this may help.
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